Syrian Christians Hold on to Faith Despite War

Christians in Aleppo are holding on to their faith amid news that the ceasefire in Syria has already ended, Bishop George Abu Khazen said on Monday.

On Sunday, the faithful celebrated a mass of thanksgiving for the canonization of Mother Teresa. "The church was full, the bishops and faithful of all the churches in Aleppo were present. As pastors, we are comforted by the sight of so many Christians who live the tremendous moment we are going through in faith," said Khazen, Apostolic Vicar of Aleppo for the Catholics of the Latin rite, to Fides News Agency.

"I get emotional when I think that thanks to their faith the Lord will bless us and give us His peace."

Christians, who make up around 10 percent of the population in Syria, have suffered greatly along with other civilians, and have been forced to leave their homes by the masses.

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