Saeed Abedini to Americans: Don't Look to Politics for Change

Americans want change but politics is the wrong place to look for it, said Pastor Saeed Abedini, who was released from an Iranian prison earlier this year.

"When I left the U.S. and ended up in prison in Iran, my thought was Americans don't care about politics. But after four years, I see that everyone is talking about politics," the Iranian American Christian pastor wrote in a recent Facebook post. "For me, this is a sign that America is thirsty but mistakenly looking to politics to quench that thirst."

"Americans realized they need change but they are looking in the wrong place. No politician can bring change. Only the Lord Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit, can make it happen."

Describing the conversation he had with David Nasser, senior vice president for Spiritual Development at Liberty University, on Saturday, Abedini said many U.S. pastors are seeking revival in their country and have asked him for prayers.

Abedini said he felt America is lacking "true revival" while believers in Iran are experiencing it.

"New believers in Iran pray at least five hours a day and they are ready to give their life to keep their faith," he noted.

Still, Iranian Christians don't believe they have revival.

"[W]hen you ask them if they have revival, they say, 'No! We don't know the Bible very well, we don't evangelize enough and we don't preach. We can't find a church to go to and we feel very bad about it,'" Abedini said.

When he asked a Liberty University student if there was revival at the school, he received a very different response.

"She (the student) said, 'I think we have. We have good worship, good Bible study and people are serving the Lord,'" Abedini recalled.

"American Christians have so much and are such good people but we still need revival in our hearts. The fall on your knees and pray, kind of revival. So I see, those who think they have revival, really don't. And those who don't think they have revival, do," he commented.

"A broken heart is a place where revival can come through."

Abedini spent three and a half years in prison in Iran for his Christian faith. Christians across America and the world had taken up his cause, petitioning for his release, which the pastor has expressed deep gratitude for. He was released in January following a prison exchange deal.

During his time in prison, he witnessed some Christians turning to Islam in order to help their situation, though others remained strong in their faith.

"We do not know how strong our faith really is until it is tested," he said in an earlier Facebook post.

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