Cuban Pastor: Threat of Violence Comes With Territory of Being a Christian

After fleeing Cuba due to religious persecution, a prominent pastor and religious freedom activist described the attacks Christians face and the lack of freedom they have.

"The threat of physical violence ... comes with the territory of being a Christian" in the Caribbean island, the Rev. Mario Felix Lleonart Barroso said.

Less than a month ago, Lleonart and his family left Cuba and moved to the United States after being targeted by authorities. He told International Christian Concern that the Cuban government closely monitors religious groups.

The Office of Religious Affairs is "supposed to mediate and act as a bridge between churches, people, and the government," he said. "But if you've lived in Cuba or know anything about the way things are from the inside, you know the ORA is nothing more than an arm of the state established to suppress the religious liberties and rights of Cuban citizens. It's just another one of the government's ways to have eyes and ears everywhere."

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